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Dorian Gray - "hurt By The Moon" LP (2008)

Updated: Jul 22, 2019

“Hurt By The Moon” is the work of one man, writing, singing and producing the sonic trip that you will hear.

Incorporating some of the sense of drama of Muse, Radiohead-style vocals and something maybe more operatic in scale, Dorian Gray has generated one of those huge, dense songs that you’ll be coming back to and finding new dimensions almost every time you listen. Taken from the album, “Hurt By The Moon”, the song "Back To Tears" has been doing very well within the Alternative scene all around the world therefore it’s hardly surprising that it has done so well.

Quotes about Dorian Gray

Ray Cokes (MTV Europe, Arte): "I like Dorian Gray's music, it is very promising" David Richards (QUEEN): "It's you who wrote this, it's good, I want this guitar sound!" Carmen Rizzo (Seal, Alanis Morissette): "Dorian Gray is a talented songwriter" Sébastien Vuignier (Paléo Festival): "I was very impressed with Dorian Gray, a talented songwriter with a real sense of melody; I discovered him on Ray Cokes' set on France 4 and immediately programmed him at the Paleo Festival" David Hallyday: "I adore his music, melodically and harmonically it is very powerful, something happens when one listens to Dorian Gray"

Dorian Gray - "Forever More" - Docks, Switzerland, 27 Jan. 2007.

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